embalming lately is a tape label

based in NYC


recently embalmed music may be purchased irl at:
Commend NYC, Rough Trade NYC, The Mixtape Shop,
or a PickUpTheFlow meetup

chat with us:
embalminglately at gmail dot com

established in 2016
EL travel agency


Shatter Pattern - Shatter Pattern
Neon Dawn - Eel Tank + Pamela_ & her sons
Baobaba - Juice
Kite - Kite
My Murder - Mr. Truelove
Arborizing Pachinko Mist - Nopomo
Cure - Eel Tank
Maître d' of the D.W. - Treasure Teeth
Joybender - Big Ded
String or Rope - Bridget Feral
Over the Shoulder - Cc
Euthanasia Network - Mall Prowler
Isabella - Isabella
Cheap Vapes - Stress
Haha Panorama - Cc
Phonetics - Plebeian
Neural Investment - Deflector

🗌🗌🗌 mix collection

sporadically published mixes
from embalming artists and friends

and mixes we like

since 2021